Day 2 Following Coccygectomy

I’ve decided to document my coccygectomy surgery (coccyx AKA tailbone excision) because the surgery is relatively rare, and the personal experiences of those who have gone through this are difficult to find online. I did find a few websites that featured some personal experiences, but none were comprehensive enough that I felt as if I knew what to really expect. It is my hope that by documenting the surgery and the recovery, that Ill be able to offer a glimpse of hope to those undergoing the procedure, and a glimpse of a first-hand experience to those debating whether they should undergo the procedure.

Day Two After My Coccygectomy Surgery

Todays primary goal revolves around pain control. I am taking a strong combination of morphine, oxycodone, and torodol. Some of the morphine being administered is still through an IV, and I need to wean myself off of the IV medications before going home. I am still in need of the I.V. morphine at this point I cant imagine not being on it.

Today has been a day of mixed results and emotions. On one hand, the intensity of the pain seemed greater than yesterday, but on the other hand, the periods of time where I had almost total relief were greater in length. The pain Im feeling today is different from what I was feeling before the surgery. Before the surgery, my pain was related to my broken coccyx, which was very intense. Now the pain is related to the surgery the cutting, cauterizing, etc.

I have to depend on oxygen too much now, particularly shortly after getting I.V. morphine. We will see what tomorrow brings. I hope the wound drain can be removed soon it does cause pain in my left buttock, and requires that I constantly lie on my right side.