Coccygectomy Tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow is the day. I’m scheduled to have my coccygectomy (removal of the coccyx) tomorrow at 7:00 am at the Ogden Regional Medical Center in Ogden, UT. ┬áThere hasn’t been much research available to me, except through so I wanted to provide a day-by-day play of my surgery and recovery so that others in this situation will know what to expect.

This surgery can be frightening because its one thats not performed often. In fact, very few surgery text books show how to do a coccygectomy, and many surgeons have gone their entire careers without performing a single one.

There are a lot of muscles involved, particularly the muscles that control bowel movements, and the area is inundated with nerves. There is much that can go wrong, so Im fully trusting in my surgeons ability to get me out of this will less pain than I felt prior to the surgery.

I’ll post updates on a regular basis, including pictures so you’ve been warned!