Coping with Sleeping After Coccygectomy

Approximately 6 weeks ago I had my tailbone removed in a procedure known as a coccygectomy, or coccyx excision. One thing is certain: if you have a coccygectomy, youll be spending a lot of time laying around as you wont be able to sit for at least a month. I have spent about 95% of my time laying around since my surgery.

The first couple weeks were brutal, and luckily I had a surgeon who was not afraid of helping me control my pain. That, combined with my handy contour foam knee pillow, I was more comfortable sleeping and laying on my side. I bought my pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond, but these can be easily found on as well.

I have read of people using a massage table that allows a person to lay on their stomach without their face being covered up. I considered such a purchase, but decided against it. In retrospect, I made the right decision I was able to lay on my side and on my back during the recovery without the need to lay on my stomach.