Coccygectomy Did Not Help – Misha’s Story

Misha, one of the visitors to this site, shares this story:

“In 2000, I went to see chiropractor for knee pain. She did some kind of manipulation where she injured my sacrococcygeal ligament. I used to have pain in coccyx on and off .I had some steroids injections that helped till 2010. In March 2010, I had severe tail bone pain. I was not able to sit at all. I had all the conservative treatment ( medication, Injections, Ganglion blockers, Prolotherapy, PT-  manipulation). I finally decided to go for coccygectomy in 2013( May) after trying everything else. My surgery has not been successful so far. I am four and a half months post op ( 18 weeks). I have severe Gluteus Maximus pain on left side radiating to the left leg. Lately, it has started affecting my right side as well. My MRI of the back is normal.I am so frustrated with my life right now. I have been suffering with this pain for the last three and a half years. I thought surgery would get rid of it but I guess not in my case.I did lot of research about coccygectomy. Majority of patients have felt better after surgery.  I have pain (10/10) everyday. I cant sit or stand not lie on the sides because of gluts pain. I have gone to so many doctors before surgery but they had no answer. I spoke with my Surgeon and he said that I should go to Physiatrist (Pain Doctor) and do Physical therapy. I went for PT for 8 weeks but did not help. I am taking medication which helps for some time but then goes back to level 10. I dont know what to do??? This has crippled my life. I am very depressed. I need HELP to get rid of this pain so that I can move on with my life. I have put everything on hold right now my studies, my  job, my single life.Ahh, I feel like I will never get rid of this pain.”

Any comments or suggestions for Misha would be very much appreciated.