Insurance Finally Paid For Coccygectomy Surgery

After battling the insurance company for 4 months, and three appeals, my insurance company has FINALLY deemed my two day hospital stay following my coccygectomy as medically necessary. I went into this whole ordeal thinking my insurance company would be paying 100%, only to be sent a denial letter shortly after my surgery on the grounds that the hospital stay was not medically necessary.

The insurance company also denied the anesthesiologist, and thats still pending an appeal.

I needed bit of good news! For those of you expecting to undergo surgery to remove your tailbone (coccyx), be sure the insurance company has pre-certified your surgery and the hospital stay. Prior to my hospital stay, the insurance company told me they couldnt approve the stay in advance of the surgery, but they would be willing to review all records afterwards to see if it was necessary. I had to provide 180 pages of records including: surgical notes, daily nursing notes, and records from all of my previous doctors visits.

Now I can put this behind me (no pun intended) and focus on my health, and not my checkbook.