Day 22 After Coccyx Removal

When I began researching my options to control my coccyx pain, I clearly remember my surgeon advising me that a month or two after the surgery I would wonder why on earth I got the surgery. Well, today thats the case. My wound still has not closed, but luckily there doesnt seem to be any sign of infection. However, as my surgeon put it, that area is full of nerves and I definitely felt significant pain today. Whats interesting is that I dont feel the incision itself, but I feel a very deep, achy pain feels like someone kicked me as hard as they could many times over.

The bruising is gone, and I am able to sit in a chair for up to 15 minutes at the start of the day, but that causing the deep aching pain that lasts for the entire day.

My bar is set low, and I know that recovery is going to take time, but Im afraid I might be pushing myself too much.