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Driving After Coccygectomy (Tailbone Removal) Surgery

Driving After Having My Tailbone Removed Prior to having my coccyx removed, one of the things I stressed about most was whether Id be able to drive shortly after the surgery. In my case, it was about 3 weeks into my recovery that I was able to drive short distances. It has now been about 5 weeks following my coccyx excision and Im able to drive 45 minutes in a day. Ive found that the amount of time you can drive is directly related to how long you can sit at a desk. I cant drive 45 minutes every single day, as I do pay a price a couple of days after the activity: increased pain levels. In my case, the wound is still open, so I have to sit in a way that relieves pressure from the wound. I use my coccyx cushion and lean over to one side to relieve the pressure. The most important consideration in deciding whether or not you should be driving is how much pain medication youre taking. For the first few weeks after the surgery, I was on fairly high dosages of morphine and percocet; I certainly wouldnt be driving after taking this medication. So, Im happy to say that if you can sit in a chair, you can drive, but you should certainly consult with your doctor to see if you should be...

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1 Month and 5 Days Following Coccygectomy

1 Month and 5 Days Following Coccygectomy Today was my bi weekly meeting with my surgeon. He is happy with how I am progressing. One of my concerns is that my wound tends to bleed more often than at the beginning of my recovery. The surgeon told me it is because the wound is not as deep as it was before and there is no place for the drainage to go except for up and out of the wound . In fact, he says that the bleeding is a sign that there is healthy tissue just under the surface of the wound. So all in all a good visit with the...

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Support Following Coccygectomy

Support Following Coccygectomy Surgery Members from my church were so kind as to bring meals to me every other day for a month following my surgery. They coordinated the meals through www.mealtrain.com. They would have continued bringing me meals after the 30 days but at this point I feel as if I am fairly self-sufficient. Grocery shopping is still a bit of a chore, and I am still unable to lift heavy items and I get winded very easily. But for the most part, I am able to get my groceries and cook my meals. To cut the amount...

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Battling the Insurance Company Over My Coccygectomy

Denied by My Insurance Company! I was notified by my insurance company that they have denied the claim for my two-day hospital stay following my coccygectomy (tailbone removal) because they considered the stay to be medically unnecessary . The pain after the surgery was so intense that I received I.V. pain medication including morphine and dilaudid. They even denied the anesthesiologists claim. I suppose the insurance company thinks I should have had the surgery while I was awake. My recovery has gone so well, and my spirits have been high but this blow does nothing to make my recovery any smoother. I have appeal the decision with my insurance company, and Ill be sure to give an update once this is...

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1 Month and 3 Days After Coccygectomy

1 Month and 3 Days After Coccyx Removal Surgery The doctor was right. Prior to my surgery, he told me that there would be days that I would wonder why on earth did I do this? Well, that is what goes through my mind often. Dont get me wrong, for the most part I am happy that I got the surgery, because I know at some point my pain levels will be less than they were before the surgery. But I am definitely not at that point yet and I have days of much pain. I have been able to drive for about 40 minutes, but it was not easy. But at least it is nice knowing that I am able to drive a fairly lengthy distance if I have to. I drove my sister to the airport which is about a 40 mile drive 1 way. It was quite difficult, but thank goodness my seats are padded and I was able to lay to the side while I was driving. I also had to refrain from taking my pain medication, because I certainly would not have been able to drive shortly after taking it. I am considering posting pictures of my wound so that everyone can see. I have taken pictures on a regular basis because it can be difficult to decide if there is much progress in...

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