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21 Weeks After Coccygectomy

5 Months After Tailbone Removal Surgery Well, its been slightly more than 5 months since having my tailbone removed, and Im still convinced it was worth it. My doctors visits are now every three months, so Ive been progressing well. If I had to gauge my current pain levels vs. my preoperative levels, Id say I have about 80% relief right now. Ive been tapering off many of my medications, and the pain levels have increased. A month ago I would have said I was experiencing 90-95% pain relief. But I was taking more medication then. But Im determined to come off all the medication, and try to live with the existing pain as best I can. The last time I visited my surgeon, he told me that the pain I was experiencing would be excruitiating to some people that didnt have the long-term experience that Ive had. But since I spent over 10 years in pain, the pain I feel now is tolerable. Before having my tailbone removed,  every single time I would sit, I would hurt. Everytime I stood up, the pain was even more excrutiating due to the shift in my coccyx. And then for some reason, about a year ago the pain got progressively worse, so I knew had to do something about it. I was tired of injections, tired of doctors who think youre...

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Insurance Finally Paid For Coccygectomy

Insurance Finally Paid For Coccygectomy Surgery After battling the insurance company for 4 months, and three appeals, my insurance company has FINALLY deemed my two day hospital stay following my coccygectomy as medically necessary. I went into this whole ordeal thinking my insurance company would be paying 100%, only to be sent a denial letter shortly after my surgery on the grounds that the hospital stay was not medically necessary. The insurance company also denied the anesthesiologist, and thats still pending an appeal. I needed bit of good news! For those of you expecting to undergo surgery to remove...

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9 Weeks Following Coccyx Excision Surgery

9 Weeks Following Coccygectomy It has been 9 weeks since I had my tailbone removed. I am happy to report that things could not be going any better. I had a follow up visit with my surgeon last week, and he was pleased enough with my recovery that he decided to move from a biweekly appointment schedule teo once per month. My pain levels are comparable to my pre surgical pain levels, and there are some days that the pain is significantly less than I had before my surgery. So it appears that things are definitely moving in the right direction. I am back to work and Im sitting for much of the day without any serious complications. The nerves are starting to grow back, and they are firing very angry signals sometimes. Sometimes I will just be laying in the bed and a sharp shooting pain will come out of nowhere. It feels like somebody has stuck s knire in my back. The good news is this pain will only last for a few minutes, and then it goes away. These episodes occur up to 5 times per day. The pain is certainly high enough to make me jump. But this is the only significant pain but Im really concerned about right now. But my doctor tells me this is a good sign because it indicates that the...

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6 Weeks After Coccyx Excision Surgery

6 Weeks After Having My Tailbone Removed Its been six weeks following my coccyx excision (coccygectomy) and Im happy to report that the visit with my surgeon went very well today. My wound is still open by about 1/2 an inch, and its slowly closing from the inside. The doctor said that my wound looked the best hes seen since the surgery. There is no sign of infection, and he thinks it will take about another month to fully heal. The pain levels are getting better, but Im beginning to experience a myriad of sensations near the surgical site. While I still feel pain 100% of the time, the pain is much lower while Im laying down and keeping pressure off the wound. I am still only able to sit for about 45 minutes per day, so there hasnt been much improvement in that regard. The nerves are beginning to grow back, and there are times where I feel as if someone is pushing heavily into the wound. This sensation will last about 5 minutes, and then stop, and the pain certainly makes me jump. Its not at all pleasant, but the surgeon said its a good sign that the pain will come and go, as it indicates the nerves are functioning correctly. He says he would be more concerned if the pain were constant, which would indicate an...

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Sleeping After a Coccygectomy (Tailbone Removal)

Coping with Sleeping After Coccygectomy Approximately 6 weeks ago I had my tailbone removed in a procedure known as a coccygectomy, or coccyx excision. One thing is certain: if you have a coccygectomy, youll be spending a lot of time laying around as you wont be able to sit for at least a month. I have spent about 95% of my time laying around since my surgery. The first couple weeks were brutal, and luckily I had a surgeon who was not afraid of helping me control my pain. That, combined with my handy contour foam knee pillow, I was more comfortable sleeping and laying on my side. I bought my pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond, but these can be easily found on amazon.com as well. I have read of people using a massage table that allows a person to lay on their stomach without their face being covered up. I considered such a purchase, but decided against it. In retrospect, I made the right decision I was able to lay on my side and on my back during the recovery without the need to lay on my...

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