Support Is Critical Following Coccygectomy

A great support system is critical for recovery following a coccygectomy (tailbone removal). I live alone in Utah, and my parents and my sister were gracious enough to fly from South Carolina to assist during my recovery. They each took a week and coordinated their flights so they could take each other to the airport.

We decided to take a trip to Salt Lake City which is a 40 minute drive from my home. I had to lay on my side the entire time, but I really wanted to show my parents the Christmas lights at Temple Square. It was snowing and about 19 degrees, but I was happy to be able to walk around for about 30 minutes. My mom was freezing, however those Southerners! I’ve acclimated to the cold since I moved here 3 years ago, but my poor parents didn’t last long! But nonetheless, I’m very happy they decided to spend time with me during my recovery.

My sister and I at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT