6 Weeks After Having My Tailbone Removed

Its been six weeks following my coccyx excision (coccygectomy) and Im happy to report that the visit with my surgeon went very well today.

My wound is still open by about 1/2 an inch, and its slowly closing from the inside. The doctor said that my wound looked the best hes seen since the surgery. There is no sign of infection, and he thinks it will take about another month to fully heal.

The pain levels are getting better, but Im beginning to experience a myriad of sensations near the surgical site. While I still feel pain 100% of the time, the pain is much lower while Im laying down and keeping pressure off the wound. I am still only able to sit for about 45 minutes per day, so there hasnt been much improvement in that regard. The nerves are beginning to grow back, and there are times where I feel as if someone is pushing heavily into the wound. This sensation will last about 5 minutes, and then stop, and the pain certainly makes me jump. Its not at all pleasant, but the surgeon said its a good sign that the pain will come and go, as it indicates the nerves are functioning correctly. He says he would be more concerned if the pain were constant, which would indicate an infection.

My surgeon says he is delighted that Im progressing so well, especially given the percentage of patients who wind up contracting an infection. I take up to 5 showers per day using a handheld shower head and I use Hibiclense to disinfect the wound. The surgeon told me to keep doing what youre doing.

Ive been taking photos of the wound, but have been reluctant to post on my blog, as theyre not fun to look at. Im happy to show photos via email, so if youd like to see, just use the contact me button in the main menu. However, I drew a picture of the wound, and have attached it to this article.