22 Months After Recovering From Coccygectomy Surgery

Wow how time flies! It has been some time since I have given an update, so I wanted to share with you how I have felt since I had my tailbone removed 22 months ago.

I still consider the surgery a great success, but honestly I still have pain everyday. I am still under the care of a pain management physician and there are days I am really miserable and some days I stay comfortable for most of the day.

The pain levels are nowhere near the pre-surgery levels, so in that regard I certainly cant complain. So when I have bad days I just remember how I used to feel. On my worst days pain levels can be about 60% of my pre-surgery days. On good days, pain levels are as low as 20% and luckily I have more of these days than the former.

I find that being able to stand up and walk around is very critical to my comfort levels. If I am confined to one space for more than 30 minutes then I become very uncomfortable. Traveling in an airplane is the worst case scenario for me and is almost unbearable and does approach 100% pre surgery pain levels.

I am investigating some options such as nerve ablation using radio waves frequency and looking at the possibility that the muscles that were reattached may have been done so incorrectly.

Current medications are Nucynta and Cymbalta.