5 Months After Tailbone Removal Surgery

Well, its been slightly more than 5 months since having my tailbone removed, and Im still convinced it was worth it. My doctors visits are now every three months, so Ive been progressing well.

If I had to gauge my current pain levels vs. my preoperative levels, Id say I have about 80% relief right now. Ive been tapering off many of my medications, and the pain levels have increased. A month ago I would have said I was experiencing 90-95% pain relief. But I was taking more medication then. But Im determined to come off all the medication, and try to live with the existing pain as best I can.

The last time I visited my surgeon, he told me that the pain I was experiencing would be excruitiating to some people that didnt have the long-term experience that Ive had. But since I spent over 10 years in pain, the pain I feel now is tolerable. Before having my tailbone removed,  every single time I would sit, I would hurt. Everytime I stood up, the pain was even more excrutiating due to the shift in my coccyx. And then for some reason, about a year ago the pain got progressively worse, so I knew had to do something about it. I was tired of injections, tired of doctors who think youre crazy, tired of people not understanding the suffering that someone with severe coccydenia is experiencing.

I knew the time was right when I found a new pain management doctor who just so happened to work right across the hallway from an orthopedic surgeon who had experience performing coccygectomies. Now. no looking back. Ive had approximately 30 pre-op and and post-op visits (between the surgeon and pain doc), so this surgery is nothing to take lightly. But if youre suffering, a coccygectomy could very well be the right move.

Id love to hear from you if youre considering surgery, or are recovering. There is very little information available on the internet, so I welcome comments and questions.