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Month: May 2013

Should She Have Tailbone Removed?

Should She Have Coccyx Removed? I had someone email me today who is considering coccyx surgery. Here are the specifics: 1. Can not miss more than 4 weeks of work, or job will be in jeopardy. Job requires sitting all day. 2. A previous injection provided some temporary relief. 3. MRI shows a bone spur, arthritis, and an extra long tailbone. 4. Surgeon says patient will have a two week recovery after the simple procedure to remove the tip of the coccyx. My recommendation was to get a second opinion and not to proceed with a coccygectomy at this time. If a previous injection resulted in some relief, additional injections or nerve ablation might provide additional relief. A coccygectomy should be a last resort and only after injections have failed. I am not a doctor, but I do know that I could not sit all day until approximately 8 weeks after the surgery. And given the fact that infection is one of the most common complications of this surgery, a two werk recovery seems so unlikely. This patient has given permission to post this, and I would like to get recommendations from other readers of this blog. What do you think? Should this patient have their tailbone removed knowing that they could lose their job if out of work more than 4...

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21 Weeks After Coccygectomy

5 Months After Tailbone Removal Surgery Well, its been slightly more than 5 months since having my tailbone removed, and Im still convinced it was worth it. My doctors visits are now every three months, so Ive been progressing well. If I had to gauge my current pain levels vs. my preoperative levels, Id say I have about 80% relief right now. Ive been tapering off many of my medications, and the pain levels have increased. A month ago I would have said I was experiencing 90-95% pain relief. But I was taking more medication then. But Im determined to come off all the medication, and try to live with the existing pain as best I can. The last time I visited my surgeon, he told me that the pain I was experiencing would be excruitiating to some people that didnt have the long-term experience that Ive had. But since I spent over 10 years in pain, the pain I feel now is tolerable. Before having my tailbone removed,  every single time I would sit, I would hurt. Everytime I stood up, the pain was even more excrutiating due to the shift in my coccyx. And then for some reason, about a year ago the pain got progressively worse, so I knew had to do something about it. I was tired of injections, tired of doctors who think youre...

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