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Month: December 2012

Day 22 Following Removal of Coccyx

Day 22 After Coccyx Removal When I began researching my options to control my coccyx pain, I clearly remember my surgeon advising me that a month or two after the surgery I would wonder why on earth I got the surgery. Well, today thats the case. My wound still has not closed, but luckily there doesnt seem to be any sign of infection. However, as my surgeon put it, that area is full of nerves and I definitely felt significant pain today. Whats interesting is that I dont feel the incision itself, but I feel a very deep, achy pain feels like someone kicked me as hard as they could many times over. The bruising is gone, and I am able to sit in a chair for up to 15 minutes at the start of the day, but that causing the deep aching pain that lasts for the entire day. My bar is set low, and I know that recovery is going to take time, but Im afraid I might be pushing myself too...

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Day 17 After Coccygectomy

17 Days Following Coccygectomy Surgery I woke up today with cold sweats again, something I’ve experienced many times since my surgery. My suspicion is that this is a withdrawal symptom from the pain medications. My last dose of taking percocet was 7:00 pm yesterday, and when I woke up at 10 am, I was experiencing the sweats. Once I took the medication, I was feeling better. Ill discuss with my doctor tomorrow. I still very much need the medication for pain relief, but I have tried to lengthen the time between doses. I did manage to sit at my computer desk for about 15 minutes using my coccyx cushion. Ive tried many varieties, but my favorite is the Kabooti Coccyx Cushion. I purchased mine on amazon.com for around $30. I try to sit up on my couch for smaller periods of time, mainly because it hurts my shoulder to continuously lie on one side all day. I hope Im not taking this too quickly. My wound has not completely closed. The wound is still open at the bottom of the incision, and the top half of the incision is trying to close. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and Im hoping the doctor will release me to work at home. Im going stir-crazy sitting around the house watching Netflix! I cant wait to start driving again, but thats probably not...

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2 Weeks After My Tailbone Was Removed

A Little Setback After Coccyx Removal Surgery So far, my recovery has gone unexpectedly well. That is, until today. I woke up with a very deep and dull pain, not too much unlike the preoperative pain. It has been two days since my last dose of morphine so I imagine that could be part of the reason I am feeling more pain than usual. I think the lunch in the restaurant with my mom is the culprit seems like I tried to do too much too soon. I laid on the couch all day and me and my mother (who has been so gracious to travel from South Carolina to help me recover) have watched Christmas movies on Netflix. I spent much of my time in and out of sleep, and I was grateful for every minute I was asleep as that meant I was pain-free. Im still using the cane to get around and I do find that bending over is not fun. As the wound heals it feels tighter and I feel as if I could break open the wound if I bend over too far. In terms if pain medication Im still taking 2700 mg of gapapentin, 15 mg of meloxicam to reduce swelling, 25 mg of phenergan every 6 hours for nausea, 500 mg of Augmentin every 12 hours as an antibiotic, and 20 mg of...

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13 Days After Coccygectomy

13 Days Following Coccygectomy Today was an exciting day because I went to lunch with my mother in a restaurant, and actually sat in a booth for 30 minutes! Either the medication is doing a great job keeping the pain under control, or I am healing well, or the prayers are working . maybe its all the above! I still lay down on my side for the majority of the day watching movies on Netflix. I am so ready to get back to work. Im going stir...

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Amazing Support After Tailbone Removal

Support Is Critical Following Coccygectomy A great support system is critical for recovery following a coccygectomy (tailbone removal). I live alone in Utah, and my parents and my sister were gracious enough to fly from South Carolina to assist during my recovery. They each took a week and coordinated their flights so they could take each other to the airport. We decided to take a trip to Salt Lake City which is a 40 minute drive from my home. I had to lay on my side the entire time, but I really wanted to show my parents the Christmas lights at...

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