10 Months After Having My Tailbone Removed

Ive been pretty quiet lately, because my recovery has been doing really well. Well, until recently when the the surgical scar tore open. So now Im back to being very vigilant against infection which is always the biggest concern following surgery. My pain levels have been acceptable, and each month seems to be better than the previous.

I still see my pain doctor, because Im not 100% pain free, though the pain I feel is certainly better than prior to surgery. I am currently taking gabapentin, imipramine, and Nucynta. The Nucynta is a relatively new medication, which is usually best described as a much stronger tramadol. Its considered to be an opiod, but the side effect profile is more tolerable. Im glad I have insurance, because the Nucynta would cost me close to $600 per month! I am able to sit in my office all day without too much discomfort since Im able to get up and walk around as needed.

The worst pain is experienced when Im flying or driving, both scenarios where I am unable to get around and walk much. Of course the pain of the incision is pretty significant right now, so once I can get that healed, my pain doctor and I will discuss next steps, which could include a nerve ablation.